The Vampire Diaries finale falls flat

As a pre-teen I gobbled up any vampire-related reading material I could get my hands on, and so, of course, I read The Vampire Diaries. While the books were never anything spectacular, they did not prepare me for the feeling of utter disappointment I would experience while watching the TV show.

Unlike Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Vampire Diaries falls absolutely flat.

Littered with cheesy lines and cliché tropes, one could play a drinking game watching this series. Who needs to go to Hive for a good time when he or she could get absolutely trashed watching this show? At one point, Bonnie heroically declares: “I’m going to save the world” in a cringe worthy moment of self-realisation. Later, Elena reminds the audience that “life goes on” as if we don’t already know this.

Everyone loves to see a good reunion in shows, but such reunions must be heartfelt. Sadly, the show only consists of several gauche reunions which seem to trivialise the characters.

The protocol for filming each reunion scene? Make sure your actor cries a couple of tears (pretty ones, not the snotty real ones) and have them run into the welcoming arms of others. Finally, as a finishing touch, play the scene in slow motion, in order to nauseate your audience with cheesiness of it all.

The only saving grace of the show is Katherine, Elena’s evil doppelganger. Spoiler alert: true to her mischievous nature, Katherine manages to trick Stefan and Damon into believing she is Elena. This twisted sense of humour makes her almost likeable, compared to her two-dimensional counterparts. Her acerbic comments are refreshing, and she even manages to make engulfing a small town in a magical fire sound a bit funny: “Everybody will go poof … Well, they’ll burn alive first and then their ashes will go poof.”

One last spoiler alert: To wrap up Stefan’s end, he exits dramatically to the sound of the Fray playing in the background. After all, what is a cheesy teen show without some cathartic Fray? 

If you’re looking for a show full of unoriginal, sloppy storylines, and some aesthetically pleasing actors, Vampire Diaries is the series for you. If you were an avid Buffy the Vampire Slayer watcher, don’t bother, just forever cherish those memories of Buffy and Angel.

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There’s so many things wrong with article, i dont even know where to start. First of all they used the Fray, “Never say Nevery” for stefans departure because it was the same song that they used in the first episode of TVD. It was an honorary song, so lmao get your facts straight. Second, bonnie saying “Im going to save the world” is cliche?!? take in that bonnie thought she lost all her powers and had no idea she had this kind of power in her, so that line was used in the intentions of her realizing her powers were finally back but its okay, youre clearly to oblivious to think about the message it implies. Also, Elena coming to the show was probably one of the best parts of episode, and if you actually watched the show, you would understand her character and what she went through to understand why she was talking about “life going on and etc” She wanted nothing but to move on and be happy, so it makes a lot of sense for her to talk about the rough patches in life but guess you didn’t pay attention to that either. Which might be the problem…you don’t know how to process the true messages between the simplest or “cliche” parts of tvd. One more thing, if the show “fell flat” then it wouldn’t have been runnning for 8 years straight but i guess we all have to be into “unoriginal, sloppy storylines,” to watch this huh?

Buffy had loads of cheese…..Season 7 was a wreck. Season 1 was the cheesiest of them all. Buffy is still a great show! But don’t act like it didn’t have the same amount of cheese.

Is there something wrong with you? Honestly, stop criticizing and spreading hate, the world already has enough. Just let everyone say goodbye the show and mind you own god dam business. I believe the show was one of the best shows ever made, if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t have lasted 8 seasons. I don’t even though why people like you can be bothered to type a long article on something you hate and voice your opinion, go get a life.

Seriously? Your article is utter crap, this show has been amazing both actors and writers spent so much time creating a fantastic experience for all fans. I can say this for everyone who loves TVD we were all touched and emotionally overwhelmed to say goodbye so save your hate for something worthy

And this, people of the world, is a person who doesn’t have anything better to hate on or do with their life. Someone who wouldn’t know quality content if it hit them in the face. Someone who obviously doesn’t understand the concept of emotion or decent plot line. So thank you, whoever wrote this, for you now have “hater” written across your forehead.

I thought that the Chicago reunion had been cancelled. I couldn’t believe this headline! What does your article have to do with anything ? Why is the word reunion in the title ? And why are you reviewing an 8 year old show as if it just had its series premiere ? The Vampire Diaries rocked and Buffy sucked!

your article is full of it, the show not only outlasted all its other counterparts but also has a successful spinoff still running and another one in the works, nobody cares about your narrowminded views, you need your humanity switch on!

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