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Theatre Shows To Watch With Your Beau

ByKirsty Thomson

Feb 6, 2022
A crowd at the theatre

With theatres reopening and Valentine’s Day just ’round the corner, there’s no excuse to not be heading to the stage. The arts have had a difficult few months. With several shows having to cancel productions, there is no better time than the present to support live theatre! There is a LOT to look forward to in the next few weeks, so here are some ideas to get your creative theatrical fix. 

Bedknobs and Broomsticks’
Edinburgh Festival Theatre 
16-20th February

With original songs by the Sherman brothers (think Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), this show is a nostalgia trip for any diehard Disney fanatics. The classic film has been brought to life by award-winning duo Candice Edmunds and Jamie Harrison. Productions on the West End have already had critical acclaim. This particular production is starring Dianne Pilkington and Charles Brunton so you are assured to be in for a night of talent. A perfect outing if you’re looking for something that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling. 

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’
The Kings Theatre
8-12th February

A story we all know well, this particular production has already received several 5-star reviews. The brainchild of Elliott and Harper Productions and Catherine Schreiber Leeds playhouse productions, watch this iconic tale come to life in the beautiful Kings Theatre. Several production photos have been released already, and from them, it is clear this show is not one to miss. Look out for innovative set designs, eye-catching and intricate costumes and sublime storytelling—ideal for a date night with that little bit of magic. 

‘The Scent of Roses’
The Lyceum Theatre
25th February-19th March

Dark, funny and told with blunt honesty, this world premiere by Scottish playwright Zinnie Harris is shaping up to be a gem amidst a busy theatre season over the next few months. While previously being praised for bringing new perspectives to classic and lesser told stories, this is looking to be Harris at her best, telling her own stories. A story about love, lies and the inner workings of a relationship, this will be a thought-provoking and interesting watch for couples and friends alike. Whether you’re a first-time theatre-goer or a seasoned pro, this intimate production will please all. 

Bat Out of Hell’
Playhouse Theatre
8-19th February 

Powerhouse musical with anthems by Jim Steinman and the late Meatloaf, this show claims to rock your world. While it is a newcomer to the theatre world, it has already been recently awarded ‘Best New Musical’ by the Evening Standard and has had crowds going wild on the West End. Filled with singalong hits, this show is ideal if you’re looking for something with that little bit of oomph–the production value, musicality, and sheer scale of this show make it a night you’ll not want to miss. 

Magic Goes Wrong 
The Festival Theatre
13-16th February

The Goes Wrong troupe have been in Edinburgh a few times over the last few years, and every production they do has been a treat. This particular show is a bit different from their usual setup because it incorporates magic as part of their slapstick laugh-out-loud comedy. If you and your beau are looking for a night out on the town but want it to be something lighthearted and chill, this is the performance to see. Definitely one of the most feel-good shows on this list. There are only a couple of performances in Edinburgh, so you’ll need to make sure to catch it while it’s around. 

The Wedding Singer
The Rose Theatre
16-19th February 

The 1980s, cheese-fest tunes, and the best kind of cringe; what more could you ask for this Valentine’s day? Based on the 90’s Adam Sandler film, the Edinburgh University Footlights are taking on this cracker of a show and are sure to impress. From rehearsal shots and sneak previews, this is shaping up to be a thrill of a night out and what better a way to support local student theatre! With comedy, power-ballads, and a corny story, there are few things not to love about this show. 

Image credit: “Covent Garden Theatre” by The Elisha Whittelsey Collection, The Elisha Whittelsey Fund, 1959, via Wikimedia Commons

By Kirsty Thomson

News Correspondent