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Themed club nights – class or cringe?

ByIsla McLellan

Oct 6, 2022

We have officially entered a new academic year at university; the freshers have descended on the nightlife scene, nightclubs have become a claustrophobic living hell, and the streets are littered with lost items of the previous night, such as scrunchies, lost phones, student IDs and shoes. I confess, I do not go to clubs that often for the following reasons: disgusting toilets, bad music, expensive drinks, concerns over spiking and the DJ changing the song as soon as your favourite comes on. I much prefer a visit to the pub or a game night with friends. I’ll sometimes join my flatmates’ pre-drinks, as they are 100% the best part of going out clubbing. I’ll then go back to my room and watch a few episodes of something on Netflix then go to bed instead of doing my prep for tutorials.

However, the morning after the night before, my flatmates told me that it was ABBA night at Subway – and it was such fun. I start thinking could our salvation be themed club nights? Or would they make the clubbing scene even worse?

I’m sure many of my fellow theatre nerds would back me up when I say that a musicals themed club night would be the best thing to happen all year. Although some parts of the clubbing experience would be the same, at least you would have good music and spend all night belting show tunes with all the other musical theatre fans. Any one of them will tell you that most social occasions with ‘the theatre lot’ end up with everyone singing Mamma Mia , teaching everyone choreo from previous shows you’ve done or attempting a 3 person ‘One Day More’ from ‘Les Mis’. So a musicals themed club night is simply a large scale version of this.

Existing themed club nights include ‘Noughties Nights’ at La Belle Angele, which are filled with nostalgia and memories of the awful music you used to listen to. 80s or 90s nights are also a classic. 

However, I must approach a controversial subject. I am sure many of you are aware of this already as something to be feared, as an army of fans will descend upon La Belle Angele this year. The phenomenon known as ‘Swiftoggedon ‘.

Now I should make it clear that I have nothing against Taylor Swift or those who love her, however ‘Swiftoggedon’ is the perfect example of a cringe club night. Dressing in a Taylor Swift ‘aesthetic’ does not make any sense to me, yet apparently there is a whole army of people that would disagree with me. I do not understand how a musician whose music takes on many genres and styles seems to encapsulate one style of fashion. And let’s be honest, we’re all quite scared of fan armies.

The ‘Swift army’ I find particularly annoying, as I cannot say that there is anything in particular that I don’t like about Taylor Swift. I do not enjoy every single song she has created and that should be okay. What’s more, is when a Taylor Swift song starts playing, they do not stop singing – they never stop singing. Even when the song has finished.

I fear that the ‘Swiftoggedon’ crowd will come for me after writing this. However I think (at least for me) club nights themed on one particular singer, rather than a larger theme, are cringe, not classy.

The Presets @ We Are…Electric (43)” by Cabaret Voltaire is licensed under CC BY 2.0.