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“They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style”: why our friendships shouldn’t take a backseat

ByGina Norris

Mar 30, 2020

Home is where the heart is. Unfortunately, the coronavirus lockdown also means home is full of all your family members ready to drive you insane. That’s where friends come into the equation. Friends keep us sane, and give us all the laughs, support and understanding anyone could need. Now more than ever, it’s important to not let those friendships take a backseat.

It’s highly likely that being confined to just our homes for the next however-knows-long is going to turn us all slightly bonkers. Not only that, but the brief and rushed goodbyes to friends that happened far earlier than any of us were prepared for means you’re probably feeling their absence a little more than usual. The migration home is something we students experience every year for Summer, and normally comes with the usual trials and tribulations of having to follow somebody else’s rules. Living alone, on your own schedule with unlimited freedom can be a difficult trade for a more routine life that’s dictated by somebody else. And who else better to rant about it to than your best friend?

Luckily, and much to most parent’s distaste, we have our phones to help us stay connected. It’s pretty easy to keep in contact with friends through our phones, it just requires a little more effort (and patience, for all those with crap wifi connection) than usual. If you hadn’t already heard, the app ‘houseparty’ has been reincarnated (god knows by who) but it’s actually the perfect solution to the situation we all find ourselves to be in right now. With group video calls of up to 8 people, it fills the void of not being able to have a weekly catch-up in person with your pals over a massive glass of wine…or four. The funniest thing about it too is that, if you aren’t fast enough to lock the room, anyone can jump on in to “the party”; if like me this led to an awkward encounter then it’s not great but for the most part, it results in talking to people you haven’t heard from or seen in ages.

If you want to stick to basics then WhatsApp, Facebook and Facetime all have group video capabilities too. Not only that, but a lot of them now offer game features which may sound a bit lame but are actually a lot of fun. Whether it be a game of HeadsUp, 8 Ball Pool (a fan favourite), charades or “Draw Something”, they’re all strong contenders for spicing up your Friday night phone call catch up.

Although a lot of us are quite happy to spend days on end inside your house binging series after series on Netflix, when someone actually forces you to do it, it doesn’t quite feel the same. It’s also not entirely advisable that you become a complete hermit during this lockdown, and friends can do a lot for positively impacting our mental health. Friends are there to listen when you need to be heard, and they need us too to listen when they want to talk. Friendships are as valuable to most as their family, and they’re often the ones we can talk to in confidence about our families in particular. Friends form one of the many foundations of our capability to cope with the problems that life throws at us, and right now, life really is doing the most so keep your friends close and combat the isolation period together.

Image credit: HBO India via Flickr