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THICK debut strong on their first major-label EP

ByRobert Bazaral

Apr 7, 2019

The art punk scene in Brooklyn is a sight to behold; kicked off almost a decade ago by Parquet Courts, it’s been maintained by up-and-comers Bodega, B Boys, and Acid Dad. However, THICK have arrived to put their own voice on this largely male scene, and they are not to be ignored.

I stumbled upon THICK while spending the night in Brooklyn at DIY venue Market Hotel. Expecting a laid-back, washy show like the venue often delivers, me and my friends were surprised to have our eardrums blown out by these three women kicking ass and having the time of their lives. That is THICK. The trio of Nikki, Kate, and Shari have delivered catchy, ridiculously fun tunes with an undeniable punk edge with each performance. This energy is captured well on their debut studio EP: THICK.

While it is perhaps a bit polished compared to the raucous tunes I’ve come to expect from them, this EP is a great introduction to the world, establishing themselves as a presence not to be overlooked. The group has described themselves as “Bikini Kill meets Blink-182,” a sound which may not sound appealing but is achieved brilliantly by the trio.

The opener ‘So Sick’ establishes their knack for earwormy melodies as well as their rebellious attitude. This is followed by ‘Your Mom,’ a hilarious and angry burst of punk energy composed of the members unanimously singing “make more money…have a baby…you’re not an artist” that describes the struggles many trying to make it suffer through for their craft. Finally, their closer ‘Green Eyes’ is a beautiful shift in sound as a slower, dreamy pop tune proving the group’s versatility and potential for other songs. While some of the mixing on these cuts is questionable, it is just an EP and I’m sure their debut LP will be more polished. Nonetheless, THICK is a band to be watching right now that soon enough will see such success that the comments stated in ‘Your Mom’ will seem unthinkable.


Image: Olivia Kranefuss

By Robert Bazaral

Second-year Editor in Chief at The Student, specializing in album reviews and opinion pieces on music. IR major and aspiring journalist.

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