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Time to cut this transphobic shit out

CW: Transphobia

Somehow, regardless of Nicola Sturgeon’s statements about zero tolerance for transphobia and the university’s similar protests, transphobic stickers have been a plague on Edinburgh’s community for quite some time.

Although I wasn’t here at the time, these instances go back as far as 2018 with sayings such as ‘Seahorses are HORSES, Hotdogs are DOGS’, and more insulting and derogatory sayings, made up by people who have nothing better to do with their lives than worry about the identification of other people.

Recent stickers have been found saying anything from ‘women don’t have penises’ to ‘ScotGov you’re being rather silly if you think a woman has a willy’. Apparently, their creativity is limited to primary school rhymes and passive aggressively putting up stickers, making people feel threatened in their own city.

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The most shocking revelation is that recently, this behaviour has gone past passive to actively aggressive, as razor blades have been found behind stickers to hurt those who would take them down. Although the community has done well in covering these horrendous stickers up with stickers of their own or taking them down when they could, they are still popping up around town in places like Marchmont, Bruntsfield, Newington, and on campus as well.

This has gone on for too long and the fact that the city council and the university have not made more of an effort to put an end to this is fucked up.

For a university that sends emails to students for breaking Covid government regulations on the threat of expulsion, you would think investigating transphobic stickers on campus and putting an end to it would be a lot more straightforward. But alas, years have passed, and this disgusting behaviour is still going on, and people still think human rights is a point to argue on. But it’s not.

People have a right to exist and be who they want to be just as much as everyone else. Those who threaten others’ human rights by putting up shitty stickers and physically harming others are a product of a society hell bent on beating everything into a straight white blob. That society does not exist anymore and should never have existed to begin with.

Here at The Student, we dissent and will continue to dissent against those who view a person’s right to exist as they wish, their personal playground. As to the police, the city council, and to officials at the University of Edinburgh, we implore you to get your shit together. Just because there is a pandemic going around does not mean you can neglect other parts of your job to keep the citizens of this city safe in other ways and forms.

For those of you out there in Edinburgh, we urge you to be careful. If you see a sticker like this, either report it or take it down with careful consideration. Although hateful people might try and bring us down or harm us, as long as we stick together and support one another, we will make it out of this like we have done with everything else.

Image: Stefan Rooke

By Ece Kucuk

Ece Kucuk served as President of The Student in 2021/22 and is currently a regular contributor to the paper. She was previously Head Editor-in-Chief and Features Editor, she has also been a writer at The Student for over two years. She is going into her Fourth Year of a Master of Arts with Honours in English Language and Literature and plans to do her Postgraduate in Education and Child Development. She has written for every section of the paper as well as written for The Rattlecap and other publications. Some of her favourite works include her reflection on being the child of an immigrant, her piece on introducing ice hockey, as well as her interview with children’s author Mariam James.