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ByMartin Greenacre

Feb 3, 2015

Have you ever stuck your thumb up my dad’s arse?” Thus begins the second episode of Tofu, a series of ten-minute documentaries featuring interviews about sex with actors, porn stars, and people off the street.

The aim is a noble one: to instigate greater discussion about sex. Though not completely original, it has a wider scope than other similar shows, covering everything from straight sex to gay sex to paid sex, told with frank honesty. However, because of its short length it fails to contribute anything meaningful. A man saying that women think less about sex than men is hardly ground-breaking. Other anecdotes, clearly not universal, appear to be there to create shock for its own sake. Tofu, named after a euphemism for a weak erection, feels like an unnecessary addition to the Cucumber and Banana series. Perhaps the name is apt.

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