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Top Ten: Unknown Songs by Famous Artists

ByCharles Smart

Feb 3, 2015

1. Dolly Parton – When Possession Gets Too Strong

With 42 studio albums it’s no surprise some songs are forgotten, but for the lyrics alone this one deserves another listen.

2. Screaming Lord Sutch (& Friends) – Flashing Light

Featuring Jimmy Page, John Bonham and Jeff Beck, all of whom later disowned it as garbage.

3. Paul Westerberg & Tom Waits – Lowdown Monkey

A wonderfully messy home recording that demands to be rescued from obscurity.

4. James Taylor – Carolina in My Mind (’68 version)

From his debut album, and featuring Paul McCartney and George Harrison, a completely different version of Taylor’s signature song.

5. Beck – Thunder Peel

The sound of Eels meets Ween meets directionless anger and amateur vocal impressions.

6. Makeout Videotape – Island Groovies

Predating his ‘solo’ career, this Mac Demarco number is a valuable artefact of his then-nascent potential.

7. Ike and Tina Turner – Tell Her I’m Not Home

Slightly before the nose powder issues, and well before ‘The Best’, a strong R&B track with a baffling spoken-word intro.

8. Hall and Oates – A Lot of Changes Coming

First released on a pre-success retrospective this song has an absolutely perfect pop-rock-ballad piano track.

9. Mudcrutch – Long Way from Home

Recorded by Tom Petty’s first band, notable for seemingly being the only halfway-passable song released by the group.

10. Bob Dylan – O Little Town of Bethlehem

Yes, Dylan has a Christmas album. The critics say it’s ironic, the ears say it’s an abomination.

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