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Transitional Fashion: for whatever the weather

BySophie Finch

Feb 21, 2020

Spring blossom, airy skirts, bright trenches and leaving the house without 17 layers on, seem but a dream in these dreary stormy days. But there have been glimpses of lighter evenings and sunny spells to remind us that Spring will eventually come. So how can we be ready and look forward to our Spring wardrobe whilst still being warm in these transitional months? Think bright colours, secret layers and breezy blouses.

Lighter coats are often the perfect way to brighten an outfit and your mood. Pastel colour coats always point to warmer times whilst still providing the warmth which let’s be honest, we need until June. So, think natural spring colours: lilacs, pinks, light greens, blues and yellows.  Bright colours are the perfect way to put some colour into those winter navies and blacks, and often can provide the lift that our (my) pale skin often needs this time of year. My current favourite is a belted coat, because you can still give yourself some shape even when you have several layers underneath.

Thanks to New York Fashion week, blazers are making a comeback in a big way. So, if you’re one to stay on trend, this is the staple you’ll be needing this season. There’s even been photos cropping up in the last week of celebs and models alike revisiting the 80s shoulder pads, but I’ll let you make your own judgement on that. For the practically minded among us, why not opt for a bright raincoat for all those April showers. If you’re going to look like a drowned rat, may as well stand out of the crowd. Channel your inner Paddington Bear, hey if it’s good enough for Tay Tay, it’s good enough for us. (Google Taylor Swift Paddington Bear for some quality photo content, and coat inspo)

In terms of keeping warm, pairing a light blouse with a cardigan can be the perfect way to fuse practicality with style. Simply by having a blouse on show, you automatically look much more Spring like, because our top half isn’t hidden by bulky sweaters and puffer coats. Try a long coat with a cardigan, which often isn’t even visible, and a blouse and a scarf to keep your neck warm. Belted cardigans or ‘coatigans’ are also perfect for when the weather does warm up a little, and they are also super cosy.

A staple pair of blue Mom jeans always match well with a white blouse, and are normally just about loose enough, that you can pop a pair of thermal leggings underneath when necessary. These go perfectly with a pair of loafers, or Supergas, although if it’s raining, or likely snowing, you may want to stay away from soggy canvas shoes, because in this weather they may not be dry again until August.

Accessories can add a lot to a Spring look. If you’re a makeup fan, then there’s a lot to be said for bright, glowy, simple makeup, and some pastel nails. Peach blush, a good highlighter and a dewy foundation are the perfect quick and easy combination. Some chunky clips to pull back bits of your hair can are also an easy make you feel a lot lighter and breezier, as it no longer feels necessary to wear your hair as a scarf. Gold is very much the colour for jewellery right now, and with your hair pinned back, some statement earrings are a nice touch. It might be cold, but Edinburgh in Spring is beautiful, so let’s make the most of it. If you want some spring spots to catwalk your fresh wardrobe head to the Botanical Gardens, Secret Herb Garden, or one of the many parks the city offers and make the most of this scenic season by enjoying what nature has to offer.

Image: Nika Huk via Flickr