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Transphobic stickers found on West Nicholson Street before International Women’s Day

ByEce Kucuk

Mar 8, 2021
A street leading off from Edinburgh university, deserted and dark to show what it's like to walk at night - can be scary and comforting at the same time

CW: transphobia

7 March 2021, a slew of transphobic stickers were found littered across West Nicholson Street directly opposite the university. The stickers were placed sometime between 2-11 pm, presumably after sunset as they had gone unnoticed by the majority of the public. The Student was alerted to this situation by a mere observer who commented that it was ‘pure chance’ they had even spotted it.

A problem that has continuously come up over the last couple of years, these transphobic stickers had phrases such as ‘ScotGov you’re being rather silly if you think a woman has a willy’ as well as ‘Women’s rights are not a hate crime’.

Coupled with the fact that today is International Women’s Day, this occurrence did not seem like a coincidence to another witness who spoke to The Student after stumbling onto them late last night.

‘Women’s Rights are not a hate crime!’ sticker on window pane

Similar stickers found around Edinburgh over the course of the last year involved razor blades stuck behind to presumably harm anyone who might take them down. Sitings and mentions have been made across various community groups such as The Meadows Chat, etc.

The perpetrators of this event are currently unknown, as are any other possible sitings of a similar nature.

The Student will continue to publish any details regarding this situation as they emerge. Stand by.

Image: Adam Losekoot

By Ece Kucuk

Ece Kucuk served as President of The Student in 2021/22 and is currently a regular contributor to the paper. She was previously Head Editor-in-Chief and Features Editor, she has also been a writer at The Student for over two years. She is going into her Fourth Year of a Master of Arts with Honours in English Language and Literature and plans to do her Postgraduate in Education and Child Development. She has written for every section of the paper as well as written for The Rattlecap and other publications. Some of her favourite works include her reflection on being the child of an immigrant, her piece on introducing ice hockey, as well as her interview with children’s author Mariam James.