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Travis Scott releases ‘HIGHEST IN THE ROOM’

ByRosamond Sutton

Oct 14, 2019

Travis Scott is God; cloud surfing, Kylie Jenner his holy Queen, their Calabasas cupid in her arms. It’s all plastic, they’ve broken up anyways and their separation is the PR companion to his single ‘HIGHEST IN THE ROOM’.

The song begins, a spindling flute shakes up to the sky, really fragile and quivering, it reaches him. And a waving and rolling belly string takes over, the man’s voice is the leader and he’s sitting down. If he’s seated, in heaven’s seat, a cathedral, we are kneeling, even prostrate on cloud ground, and she is standing over him. He’s being told off, he’s getting what he wants, he’s a Greek God, he’s letting her down. He’s the highest and he can’t be accessed: by us, because he has too much money, but also by her, he goes to shows leaving his woman on Earth, or in her case, a mansion so huge it can’t logistically be any closer to Los Angeles than it already is. The epic rise towards the end, piano chords releasing the energy that pulls the singer into his throne, he’s playing with giants now. 

Image: Getty via NME

By Rosamond Sutton

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