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Trust Fund – Seems Unfair

ByCharles Lang

Nov 13, 2015

TF Seems Unfair

Releasing two albums within the space of a year is an incredible feat for any band. Releasing two albums within a year of constant touring, line-up changes, and all on a considerably low, DIY budget, is even more applaudable. Most importantly, both albums – Trust Fund’s debut No One’s Coming For Us and, follow-up Seems Unfair – are brilliant.

Despite the line up changes, Trust Fund remains firmly the project of Ellis Jones. Again, his falsetto vocals are accompanied by scuzzy pop guitar riffs and echoed by a gentle, yet effective, female vocalist. That said, Seems Unfair is in no way identical to its predecessor; it is a bit pacier and Jones’ lyrics seem less down-trodden, though they remain quite ordinary and honest, allowing you to relate to them, as if Jones is speaking for you individually.

No One’s Coming For Us was unquestionably excellent, but Seems Unfair… is even better”

Jones seems to be aware of his new lease of positivity, singing on ‘4th August’, “For now we’re dreaming, there will be time to find failings”. Of course, the positivity comes with a shadowy undertone. The idea that people must remain dreaming, thus escaping reality, is put forward throughout the album, notably so on the aptly-titled ‘Dreams’ and ‘Dreamers’. The former is quite dreamy in sound, whilst the latter is filled with nostaglia as Jones, led by a beautiful jangly riff, recalls a past relationship. Lead single ‘Football’ is undoubtedly Trust Fund’s best to date, and seems to follow Jones’ well-crafted structure: a strong, guitar-led opening, a gentle break down, with Jones singing “When you stop feeling weird in 10, or 12, or 15 years, what will we even have to talk about?”, building gradually to a joyful release: “Footbaaaalll!”.

Trust Fund’s relentless effort, their constant touring and writing new material, all while Jones also works away on his PhD, deserves the highest of praise. No One’s Coming For Us was unquestionably excellent, but Seems Unfair, more reflective lyrically and distinct in its sound, is even better.


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