Twin Peaks, 1990-2016?

Twin Peaks is back. The American drama series from 1990-1991 that follows an idiosyncratic FBI Agents investigation into the murder of a high school girl, Laura Palmer, in the town the town of Twin Peaks, is confirmed to return to screen. The creators of Twin Peaks, David Lynch and Mark Frost, confirmed last Monday that the rumours of a return were indeed true, as they tweeted, ”Dear Twitter Friends… it is happening again… #damngoodcoffee”.

Although David Lynch in the past has rejected that Twin Peaks would ever return to screen, facts are, that the series is now planned to air in early 2016 – 25 years after the end of the second season. According to the American magazine, Variety, the two creators have already started working on the scripts for the series third season, which will continue the storyline set in season two.

And this continuation of the storyline is in fact a really good idea. Without spoiling too much, the final episode of Twin Peaks did separate its viewers. Some were big admires of the finale – I remember my friend describing it ‘as something of legend’ – while others were rather disappointed. The continuation of the storyline is a good way to meet those followers who felt bereft when the show ended and to invite us all back to the bizarre and mysterious world of Twin Peaks.

But an important question to raise is: Is the return actually a good idea? As a top-rated cult series and a forerunner of today’s cable dramas, Twin Peaks has a lot to live up to. Many of today’s big TV-dramas have adopted elements of the show, such as the blend of horror and humour seen in True Detective and the use of family as a contrast to this, seen in Breaking Bad and Sopranos.

Still, the uniqueness of Twin Peaks should not be underestimated. As a show that has achieved to have the best hero, the scariest villain and the most surreal characters of all time, the series is already off with a good start. David Lynch has once cracked the code for great TV, so why shouldn’t he do it again? In any case, I am looking forward to the revival of the both wonderful and strange world of Twin Peaks. I do believe that the ‘damn good coffee’ will be back as good as I remember it.

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