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Two-Pound Tuesdays at the Edinburgh Filmhouse!

This article was originally submitted on the 5th April

Calling all film fanatic students! Living in Edinburgh, a fantastic cultural centre, we have a great selection of cinemas to get our latest dose of Marvel, arthouse, foreign and many more. However, we do have budgets to live off and sometimes going to the cinema can seem like a “once in a while” treat due to ticket prices and extortionate popcorn. 

So, with that in mind I would like to make you aware of The Filmhouse. Located on Lothian Road, this independent cinema, which is also the location of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, has a great offer for us. They have a Student Membership as well as a 16 – 25 young persons membership that you can get today and it lasts for a whole year. Oh, yes and it’s free! 

Included in this membership is:

  • £2 tickets for a weekly Tuesday screening. It’s a different film every week, independent or blockbuster, and you get an email beforehand to tell you what the film of the week is.
  • £5 tickets for other films.
  • £8 student meal deal at the Café Bar.
  • Priority booking for the Edinburgh International Film Festival, running this year from the 12th – 20th August.
  • 10% off food, snacks, drinks, DVDs and merchandise (they have some really cool posters you can add to your wall). 

These Tuesday screenings are a great idea for accessible inclusivity for students, and a chance to try new genres of film without great expense. 

I’ve got my membership, now’s your chance! 

Image courtesy of Byronv2 via Flickr