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‘Two Wildly Different Perspectives’ – Father John Misty

ByElinor O'Donovan

Mar 13, 2017

Father John Misty has often satirised American politics in his music. One of the most significant traits of his style of writing is a sharp tongue and dry sense of humour, but it appears with this new album that there is no irony behind his lamentations.

His new single ‘Two Wildly Different Perspectives’ is a heartbreaking statement about the victims of American foreign policy and the world’s current political climate. The most heartbreaking aspect is that this song does not sound unlike many of his other ballads, but this time his humorous and mocking voice is replaced with a solemn and disheartened one.

On sharing this single online, the musician added: “More kids are going to die now thanks to the unbelievably selfish immigration policy of places like Saudi Arabia and the USA.” The joke of American politics is not funny anymore and Father John Misty acknowledges this with sincerity.

By Elinor O'Donovan


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