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University of Edinburgh experiencing “core network loss”, Information Services says

ByJoe Sullivan

Oct 11, 2022
A sign in the University of Edinburgh main library saying wifi services are not functional.

Many of The University of Edinburgh core internet services at the University of Edinburgh are experiencing outages.

Campus WiFi was completely down on both the George Square and Kings’ Buildings campuses around 12:30PM.

By 1:00PM, connectivity had started to return, however the WiFi had gone down again by 1:10pm.

The University of Edinburgh’s Information Services department confirmed the outage in a Tweet at 12:37PM today.

At 12:49PM, a tannoy announcement was made in the main library confirming the WiFi outage.

The issues started this morning, with several students describing long wait times to load course materials

The Main Library was more quiet than usual by 1pm, with many desks open.

Some students voiced frustration with the situation.

Second year Painting student Edith Niel said:

“I couldn’t do a reading for my tutorial on time, which really sucked.”

Third year Informatics student Alivis Tang was in a lecture when the outage first occurred.

“She started playing iPad games on the screen” to help explain course concepts.

Tang said the lecturer adapted well to the outage.

As of 1:20PM, Eduroam and other WiFi networks were experiencing degraded performance or complete outages on the George Square campus.

Image by Joe Sullivan

By Joe Sullivan

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