University of Edinburgh students protest controversial company present at Careers Fair

A protest organised by the student activist groups People & Planet and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) took place in front of the Barclays Bank stand at the University of Edinburgh Careers Fair on Tuesday, 4 October.

25-30 People lay down in front of the stand at 12 noon, in what is known as a “die-in” style protest, while five spokespeople handed out flyers to onlookers, which read “Barclays: Global Investors in Death.”

The protest was organised as an action against the humanitarian crimes Barclays has allegedly taken part in around the world.

According to the protest’s organisers, Barclays has invested in coal mines and oil fields which not only harm the environment but have also displaced indigenous communities in South America and Canada.

The organisers also stated that Barclays has invested in nuclear weapon producers, arms comapanies, and cluster munitions producers such as Aecom, BAE Systems, and Hanwha Inc.

Spokespeople for SJP and People and Planet also believe that Barclay’s investments in BAE Systems and Raytheon manufacturing firm have played a direct part in the State of Isreal’s occupation of territories in Gaza and the West Bank, which the groups label as illegal, immoral and a form of genocide against the Palestinian people.

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