University of Edinburgh to close on Monday for Queen’s state funeral

All teaching will be cancelled or rescheduled, and all University buildings will close for staff and students for non-essential business.

The University of Edinburgh has announced in an email to all students and staff that the University will be closed on Monday 19 September for the Queen’s state funeral.

All teaching, both online and in person, will be cancelled or rescheduled, with normal teaching timetables resuming from Tuesday 20 September.

All university buildings will be closed, including libraries, study spaces and labs, however some essential services will remain open. 

University-managed accommodation will not be affected.

Most spaces managed by Edinburgh University Students’ Union (EUSA) will be closed throughout the day, and most EUSA services will be suspended.

The Advice Place will offer a reduced service by phone and email to support any students with urgent enquiries.

Teviot Row House will open from 9am, with the state funeral available for viewing at the Sports Bar.

The funeral will start at 11am, with a two-minute’s silence being held after the end of the funeral at 12:00 noon.

Opening times for venues in Teviot Row House:

New Amphion Cafe: 9am – 5pm

The Library Bar: 12pm – 1am

The Sports Bar: 9am – 1am, serving alcohol from 5pm

On Monday 19 September, the Advice Place will be available for urgent enquires by phone on 0131 374 4581 (freephone 0800 2062 341, text 0753 740 2004) or by email at

Image “McEwan Hall, Bristo Square, University of Edinburgh” by dun_deagh is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.