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Valentine’s Day Tips: The Big Dos and Don’ts

ByJulie Zaugg

Feb 10, 2015

A very serious list of what to do or not do on this ‘special’ day, whether you’re in a relationship or single, based on real-life events. Julie gives valuable advice for singles and couples alike on the most important/negligible day of the year.


DO: Surprise him/her.

DON’T: Pop into your boyfriend/girlfriend’s lecture or job with a banner and balloons that says “I heart U Babe”.

DO: Have a nice dinner together; no need to go to an expensive restaurant, you can cook something yourself!

DON’T: Cook pot-noodle for said dinner.

DO: Write a cheesy note for him/her (better make the most of this day).

DON’T: Write said note with paint on a wall or as a graffiti on a bench.

DO: Possibly buy a little gift, something related to just the two of you or a private joke, etc.

DON’T: Overspend, because everything is going to be more expensive on the day.

DO: If you’re in a long distance relationship, you can plan to visit him/her for the weekend.

DON’T: Do it by complete surprise. He/She may have had the same idea and you’ll end up switching cities for the weekend… with no one there.

DO: Make a playlist for your lover.

DON’T: Sneakily add One Direction or Tokio Hotel (no, they are not dead), unless you like them, in which case, there is nothing I can do.

DO: Spend the weekend away, just the two of you.

DON’T: Bring your iPhone, iPad, computer or Tamagotchi with you.


DO: Have a night out with friends who are also single.

DON’T:  Spend the whole night bitching about  people who are in a relationship.

DO: Have fun and get drunk with your friends.

DON’T: Be sad, get drunk and cry over your past relationships.

DO: Act normal on the internet, scroll down your Facebook and Twitter newsfeed as usual.

DON’T: Post statuses about how relationships are actually “relationshits” and/or report every couple picture as “inappropriate” in your bitterness.

DO: Treat yourself, by buying chocolates (you can enjoy the whole box yourself).

DON’T: Buy heart-shaped chocolates and send yourself flowers with a note saying “Love you, from a secret admirer”…please.

DO: Go wild and dance to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’.

DON’T: Lie in bed and listen to a Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran heartbreak medley.

DO: Enjoy a good movie.

DON’T:  Watch Titanic or The Fault in Our Stars, with ice cream on your right and tissues on your left.

DO: Call/visit a relative or a member of your family if you are spending the day alone.

DON’T: Call/visit your ex.

DO: Organise a party at your place.

DON’T: Force yourself to end up with someone at the end of the night just because  ‘it’s Valentine’s day’.

DO : Offer to babysit for a couple you know, so that they can enjoy their night (and you can enjoy all the money).

DON’T: Traumatise children by trying  to convince them that true love doesn’t really exist.

DO: Relax and chill out.

DON’T: End up stalking your exes on social networks.


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