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Vampire Weekend delight fans with two new singles after six year break

Vampire Weekend have released new music and the world is at peace. After six years of silence, Vampire Weekend have finally dropped new music and it’s everything anyone could want. ‘Harmony Hall’ doesn’t have a revolutionary new sound, or even particularly original lyrics, but it’s a joyous and soulful reintroduction to a band important to so many. With a flowing acoustic guitar line, bright keys, and choral sounds, ‘Harmony Hall’ is a perfect pop song sure to bring a smile to anyone who hears it. Simply put, it’s the kind of song that makes the world feel alright in chaotic times. ‘2021’ on the other the year and gigs set around the UK for this month the band show real promise in continuing to make it in the industry. hand explores a very new sound for the band (complete with a surprising Haruomi Hosono sample), yet it is just as pleasant and peaceful. While it sounds like more of a B-side, it is unique, bubbly, and makes me think that ‘Harmony Hall’ was meant to be the familiar single as they wait to roll out a bolder sound in forthcoming tracks. When bands with such a strong following wait this long to release music it can be disappointing, but these are as good a signal as any that longtime fans may be due for a treat with impending release of Father of the Bride.


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By Robert Bazaral

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