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Webber’s World

ByJacob J. Webber

Sep 23, 2014

Part 2

But, alas, no invitation was to be forthcoming. Gemmagen and Molly went on their way, leaving me all alone in the flat. This was all bad enough but was made worse when I remembered that we were to be going to a party that evening at my dear friend Pattie’s. They would go straight from dinner, I was told. I would meet them there.

No. I would not brave the windy night and make my way to Pattie’s all alone. I will stay in bed. That’ll teach them.

After a restless and moody night’s sleep, I went through to Gemmagen’s room to wish her a good morning only to be greeted with, “Molly didn’t know why you didn’t come to dinner.”

“I wasn’t invited,” I spluttered indignantly. I was assured that I had misunderstood and was told to check my phone. Pattie had left me a voicemail almost begging me to come to her party. I then realised I had let a good friend down. I had let bitterness with others come in the way of my love for Pattie and everyone else at that party.

Pattie, dear friend, I am truly sorry.

So, dear reader, remember not to make the same error. Let not bitterness triumph over love for others. Remember that conflict too often originates in misunderstanding. Stay close to your flatmates this year.

Note: The names of the characters in this column have been changed for security purposes

Next week: Jacob Webber and his co-columnist Jamie Scott will be gracing the wonderful readers of The Student with the first in their  ‘Bread Review’ series


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