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Webber’s World

ByJacob J. Webber

Sep 16, 2014

Webber’s World is a weekly column documenting the life of 2014 EUSA Presidential Candidate Jacob J. Webber

When mid-September arrives the pleasure of this beautiful city is once again mine. Of course, moving back to Edinburgh is not without stresses and strains. I have an embarrassing quantity of material possessions that has to be boxed, taped and shuttled about, before the long journey up from my Home Counties family residence can begin. But what truly sweet thing isn’t brought into sharp relief by a little bitterness?

Indeed, it is a story of bitterness that I must share with you today. It began when my flatmate Molly arrived at our term-time residence, just a few days after Gemmagen – my other flatmate – and myself. Her father had driven her up from just south of the Thames and the car was full, for Molly has almost as voluminous an array of worldly possessions as I.

Things were going well. I did all the things well-brought-up boys do when presented to the parent of a friend or colleague. Tea was offered. How are yous were how are you’d. Decorum abounded.

But then came the heartbreak on which this story is founded.

Gemmagen, Molly and I were standing in the hall when Molly delivered her bombshell.

“Gemma, do you want to come to dinner with us?” There must be some mistake, I thought. She must want me to go. She deemed me a good enough friend to share a flat. Surely anyone would be proud to show me off to his or her parents? Jacob Webber, the presidential candidate; Jacob Webber, the Lifestyle columnist for The Student; Jacob Webber the famous bread critic; Jacob Webber, distinguished violinist with the Edinburgh University Chamber Orchestra – surely I would grace any social situation that required class, culture and good manners?

To  be  continued next week…

Note: The names of the characters in this column have been changed for security purposes


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