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Wednesday Lunch: Reekie’s Smokehouse

ByOlivia Langhorn

Feb 3, 2015

It had been a long cold winter and four young men out of the basic necessity for exploration began a tradition: ‘Wednesday Lunch’. Every Wednesday, these brave young men would choose a restaurant at random. Without letting their judgement be affected by trip advisor or Google reviews, they put these restaurants to the test often asking for extra chicken or more bread.

As we entered Reekie’s smokehouse, we were greeted with the gorgeous smell of meaty deliciousness (they did have a veggie haggis). Without hesitation we ordered the meat feast, which had all the cuts on the menu and four sides! In Reekie’s, one should not expect plates for this would take away from the alpha-male dog fight for food we all crave.

As the pulled pork, brisket, ribs and burnt ends were placed in front of us we all shared a moment of serenity before we tried to overcome this mountain of meat together. I recited an inspiring quote, ‘Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.’ And we began.



Slowly but surely each crispy chip and barbeque-ey rib disappeared into our chops, before we knew it we had succeeded.

Our stomachs full and muscles bulging, we couldn’t help but order one of each of the deserts and proceeded to tuck in, each one more delicious than  the last – earl grey chocolate cake a personal favourite.

Overall student satisfaction: 4/5.

Reekie’s is around the corner of Pleasance, so do pop in if you’re looking for a taste of some of Edinburgh’s best pulled pork; and

if you pop by on Tuesdays, you’re in luck for on Tuesday they offer a phenomenal Stuesday student discount.



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