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Wellness trends in 2020

Ringing in the new year can mean a lot of things. But it always means a change and a shift. Here’s a look at a new brainwave of wellness trends to expect and maybe even incorporate into your life this year. 

1) Plant based meat 

The popularity of plant-based meats increased exponentially in 2019 and is set out to become a popular preference. We have already seen fast food chains incorporate vegan options in their menu to cater to targeted consumers as a result of lifestyle changes. Burger King, Denny’s, Subway, Del Taco and even TGI Fridays added meat alternatives to their menus. It’s not just supermarkets either, although many have alt/meat available to replace how meat is cooked in a household. This is far more than a passing trend. Rather, it’s an indication of how important wellness has become to society as a whole. We are thinking differently. What’s interesting to observe with this trend is the change in menu as a shift in consumer preferences. Once again there was awareness and a sense of responsibility that has lead meat eaters to choose alt- meat.

 2) CBD

All things Cannabidiol (CBD) is a product that’s derived from cannabis. There was an upsurge of beauty, skincare, beverages, candy and certain medications. CBD is proven to have relief with anxiety, pain, stress relief and intensive healing properties for the skin when it comes to acne and dryness. 

3) Red Light Therapy

If you’ve been scrolling on Instagram long enough you will find people with a phantom of the opera style mask with a neon red glow. No it wasn’t for the Area 51 raid. Red light therapy is said to be one of the celebrity favourites for anti-aging and inflammation, stress as well as body fat. It can be used at a proper dermatological facility or in portable forms for everyday use. 

4) Working out the face

Yes it’s real. A new way to look like you’ve got botox is to workout the face. Brands like Facegym have emerged and become celebrity favourites. Working out the face involves an intensive facial that uses serums and face oils of various types while vigorously massaging the face in upward motions and draining the lymph vessels. You can get this at a skin clinic or check out some DIY options at home. 

5) Sustainable beauty 

Beauty lovers now are moving towards cruelty free and vegan makeup and skincare. They are also looking at things like packaging. Packaging as we know contributes heavily to plastic use. LUSH have introduced a shampoo bar that is said to last longer and not use any plastic bottles for packaging. Reusable and washable cotton pads for makeup removal and silk work floss are some emerging trends that are here to change how sustainable the beauty industry is. 

6) Health Data on wearable technology

Keeps track of the amount of steps you take, the food you eat and also set targets for a healthier lifestyle with some tech savvy innovations. There has been a demand to actually see the workout done and justify it with data. It can be in the form of wristbands or an app on your phone.

Image credit: CBD-Infos-com