Western Countries must act against the persecution of Rohingya Muslims

The plight of Rohingya Muslims is an issue upon which the Western World must act. Arguably a result of the lasting remnants of British colonialism and the damage which it left in its wake, the persecution of Rohingya Muslims is a humanitarian crisis which has been occurring for decades. Thousands of children are going without water, food and proper aid for their injuries and diseases triggered by the ongoing violence in the state from which they are fleeing.

Described by UN official John McKissick as an ‘ethnic cleansing of the Muslim Rohingya’ by the Myanmar state, the violent persecution of Rohingya Muslims is ongoing. As Myanmar is a majority Buddhist country, Rohingya Muslims are a minority. Viewed as illegal immigrants by the majority of the population, they are persecuted as a result of the Burmese Citizenship laws of 1982. These declared that full citizenship of Myanmar depended on inclusion in the ‘national races’, a statement which has potentially perturbing connotations. Admittance into this category was only granted to groups considered to have settled in Myanmar prior to the British colonial occupation of 1824. Despite there being evidence of their having been settled in Burma since the 15th Century, Rohingya Muslims were not included. Consequently, they are being subjected to cruel discrimination and mistreatment, denied equal rights to education and employment, and given severely limited access to healthcare whilst being forced to live in intolerable and unhygienic conditions.

The situation of the Rohingya Muslims was made worse by an attack in which nine Myanmar border officers were killed. Although someone has yet to claim responsibility for the attacks, the Burmese government seems adamant that the blame should be placed on the Rohingya Solidarity Organisation, a rebel group which has not been heard of since the 1990s. The Rohingya have since faced an increase in violent attacks, with John McKissick claiming that this is the result of the Myanmar Military and Border Guard police engaging in a “collective punishment of the Rohingya minority”. Despite this, the rebel activity in the Rakhine state, where a large number of the Rohingya reside, has not been large in comparison to other states of Myanmar, which were also left in a fragile position due to the civil war. Therefore, the targeting of a vulnerable minority seems to be a result of the behaviour of the Burmese state.

As a result of this oppression more than 10,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled or attempted to flee to Bangladesh. This follows the destruction of hundreds of Rohingya homes by the Myanmar military, forcing the displacement of a great number of Rohingyan men, women and children with nowhere else to go. In the hope of reaching Bangladesh or its surrounding countries, many are currently attempting to cross the Bay of Bengal, a stretch of water which is allegedly more fatal for refugees than the crossing of the Mediterranean.

Despite the UN putting their best effort into bringing aid to the Rohingya people and assisting them in their plight, the actions and constraints enforced by the Myanmar government has made this increasingly difficult. In response to this, Western Countries need to be persistent in their attempts to aid the plight of the Rohingya Muslims. They must maintain the fight against the persecution and mistreatment of Minority groups, alleviating their oppression.

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By Megan Kenyon

Megan is the current Welfare Officer and a former Editor-in-Chief at The Student. She started writing in her first year, becoming an Editor of the Comment section in her second year and Editor-in-Chief in her third. She studies English literature and religious studies. 

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Holocaust in ِArakan

A 1942 mass massacre of Rohingyas (23 Mar – 7 Jun 1942)

The Arakan was Forum of war between English and Japanese troops in World War II, there prey upon more than hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims the plot of the “Magh” Buddhists with the cooperation of the Burmese Buddhists, and Japanese provide them with firearms and live ammunition, the British also played the role of silent spectators, as well as displaced half a million Rohingya Muslim by this massacre.

Also torched and completely destroyed more than 307 villages of Rohingy Muslims.

Such criminal acts against Rohingya Muslims have been committed by “Magh” Buddhists intentional physical liquidation and ethnic cleansing as part of their plans malicious campaigns of genocide.

According to the statements by HE Mr. Sultan Mahmood MP and Minister of Health of the Government of Burma earlier: that “these heinous acts are not the sectarian strife, but the mass murder of Rohingya Muslims brutality, cruelty and cold-blooded massacre plot preconditions.”

This is really “Holocaust in Arakan”. And all Rohingya Muslims jealous of their religion, nation and their homeland, that the commemoration of the massacre to be an admonition and a lesson to build their future. The following is an excerpt of this terrible massacre:

Memorial Days of Rohingya Muslims massacre and mass extermination in 1942(23 March 7 June 1942)23-26 March 1942 Japanese aircraft bombed the Akyab capital of Arakan.

Reduce the British government in Burma, gave authority of the Arakan to the terrorist Magh Buddhist U Chukhain and fled to India.

March 26, 1942 Robbery and looting by Magh Buddhist Muslims shops in the markets of Akyab.

March 27, 1942 Raid by Magh Buddhist markets of Mambia and looting and plundering the assets of the Muslims.

March 28, 1942 Raid by Magh Buddhist village of Muslims, “Naindah” in Mambia and killed most of the Muslims and a few of them managed to escape the protection of their religion and honor. The entire village was burned.

March 29, 1942 Raid on the village of Muslims, “Chambili”.

March 30, 1942 The first raid on the “Lambuissar” consists of the village of two thousand Muslims homes.

March 31, 1942 Second raid on the “Lambuissar” of the murder mystery and all its people’s twelve thousand Muslims, and burned the entire village, as well as villages have been burned in the suburbs as Chambili the author of A House, and the Sangri fara, Nala fara and killing its Muslim population.

The first raid on the “Raishang fankha” from the May Department Hukvio Bonn.

April 1 1942 raiding the second “Raishang fankha” composed of the village, where three thousand houses and eighteen thousand people, mostly Muslims, were killed and burned their homes.

Killed the Hazrat Mawlana Abdul-Jabbar and preacher of religion in his famous poem in the Rohingya language Andang However Philosop Buddhist.

April 2, 1942 the first raid on a village “Ali Gwen Baharfara” The village, which extends in length more than four miles and is home to thirty thousand Muslims in terms of where you find a large school for the study of Islamic knowledges on behalf of the school supervised science.

April 7, 1942 party conference, “Thakin” Philosop Buddhist Temple “Mahamoni Pagoda” in a plot to expand the scope of the heinous criminal acts of murder, bloodshed and genocide campaigns against the Muslims.

April 8, 1942 raid on the second Ali Gwen Bharfara and killed twelve thousand Muslims, including forty of the great Ulamas scholars and sheikhs bones.

And burning of villages Mhamni, Shoteli, Chutili, Barguafara, Myuk Teng, Lambaré, Judge of the run, a fugitive Roanii, Tnsavara, Sadte large, Mlng, Kheng, Vllwari, Teng-Teng and other Muslim villages.

April 12, 1942 raid on the village of Goving, Veda, Afaq and killed forty thousand of Muslims and burning their villages.

April 16, 1942 Mr. trick “Soiicha” Buddhist owner of the company business in a speech to Muslims to reassure them, to permit him to murder and genocide of Muslims in their heedlessness.

End of April 1942 to ignite the fire of sedition by Philosop Buddhists in Ramikang and Buthidaung against Muslims and kill them. Were also burned Muslim villages in the Marie Peng, Hukvio, forks Nemio where five hundred were burned the houses of Muslims and Kyukto, and ensures, Atarng, Bunnagri, Sndamh, Miorkel, met me Prang, based Prang, Shuli Prang, Toin large, Tngfro, Todaing , Nonhalli, Zolafara, Gejeh and killed thousands of Muslims.

April 28, 1942 Akiab evacuation by the British army to make way for Mo Buddhists to the liquidation of the Muslims freely as Lt. Philosop Buddhist terrorist Aochukhain governor of staff to lead the campaigns of genocide against the Muslims before evacuating the area.

May 5, 1942 burning of the village “Leered.” And killed thirty of the elders and Muslims in Amparai Sinavarra in Akiab where you see the pile of skulls of the dead time of time.

June 6, 1942 killing of famous saint Karim Faqeer, by Buddhist.

June 7, 1942, however, a reduction of the Muslims massacre, conquer Buthidaong by Rohingya Muslims.

Does not have any family of Rohingya Muslims had been killed one of its members or more in this horrible massacre during Burma’s independence, and within one hundred thousand Muslim Martyrs, twenty thousand scholars and leaders, in addition to the five hundred thousand of the displaced homeless shelter, and about fifty thousand of refugees in the camps Rangpur valuable Bengal.

The killing of scholars and Muslim leaders made a gap and the crisis in leadership in the ranks of the Muslims, because it did not work the Rohingya Muslims to preserve their legitimate rights and recognition of their capacity and identity in the Legislative Council of Burma at independence.

This is the major goal of the enemies of Muslims who have made significant progress in this context that Muslims can only obtain their legitimate rights, not even minimum guarantees in the Constitution of Burma, and thus open the door for the continuation of the arbitrary acts and campaigns of genocide and ethnic cleansing against them and the continuing policy of racial discrimination and Apartheid against them is legitimate.

Bengali (Rohingya) Terrorists movement
The Bengali-Muslim ( Rohingya) have been terrorists since 1942.
The statement that “Rohingya” become terrorists because of oppression and discrimination against Rohingya is wrong as “Rohingya” has been already terrorists before Burma military regime born in Burma.
This is quoted from a British officer, at that time in 1942 (World War Two), who wrote a report:
“I have been told the harrowing tales of cruelly and suffering inflicted on the Arakanese
(Buddhist) villages in the Buthidaung area.About 30,000 Rakhine Buddhist were killed in this absolute genocide, and Most of their villages on the west bank of the Mayu river have been burnt and destroyed by the (Bengali-Muslim) V Force.
In 1946 they (Bengali-Muslim) formed the Muslim Liberation Organization (MLO) and started their war. In 1948 they changed the name of the party to Mujahid Party, and the insurgency then became known as the Mujahidin Insurgency. (Mujahadin means: Muslim fighters engaged in a Jihad). ( Jihad means: holy war in the name of Islam).
During the 1950’s, the Rakhine identity’s ‘Rohingya’ was hijacked by Mujahadin , and it started to spread around, slowly becoming a replacement word for Bengali-Muslim, or Chittagong-Muslim, but only much later it became the common name.
In 1960 the Mujahid insurgency aka Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO) was finally defeated by General Ne Win. Then the Muslim leadership realized that they needed a new story about the Muslims in Arakan – and they embraced a new identity – and they now called themselves ‘Rohingya’.
The Bengali-Muslim ( Rohingya) RSO terrorists have a long and well-documented history of attacking the Burmese security services in Maungdaw area.
Bangladeshi Army Trained Rohingya Terrorists RSO on the Border in 2012.
That murderous ambush on Burmese Army’s road-building crew on November 6,2012 by Bengali-Muslim terrorists from RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization), the OIC-supported and Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group based in Bangladesh, killed one engineering officer from Burma army.
The Rohingya RSO terrorists have also kidnapped and beheaded three Burma army soldiers and fled back into Bangladesh. The cross-border terrorist attack took place in the Maungdaw Township of north Arakan.
Bangladesh-trained and based RSO terrorists have been committing brutal cross-border raids inside Burma’s Arakan frequently. They ambushed on the Burmese police patrol inside Duchiyardan Bengali-Muslim Village on 13 January 2014 and kidnapped, beheaded Burmese Police Sergeant Aung Kyaw thein .
Aqa Mul Mujahidin (AMM) group linked to RSO and local Bengali terrorists provoked the attack on the police On October 9, 2016. They took 50 guns , ammunition and killed and beheaded nine policemen.
International Crisis Group (ICG) has revealed that a well-funded armed Islamist group named Harakah al-Yaqin (Faith Movement, HaY)
which is led by a committee of Rohingyas living in Saudi Arabia and is commanded on the ground by Rohingyas with international training and experience in modern guerrilla war tactics.

They are using the human rights tactic as shield; but, they are definitely creating instability of the country and committed crime against humanity!

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