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What the… Feminist?!

ByMeg Edwards

Aug 10, 2018

Enjoyable, energetic and infectious, What the… Feminist?! is a musical comedy sketch show makes an appearance at Fringe. How do you take down the patriarchy through song and dance? Exactly like this.

Brought to the Fringe by a group of friends, this lively, frenzied attack on the patriarchy exceeds all expectations. Through comedy, song and dance, WT…Feminist?! satirises the ironies and hypocrisies of our patriarchal society, and looks to create a world where intersectional feminism is the only feminism and where, perhaps, everyone sings and dances.

The confident and effervescent cast of WT…Feminist?! will have you howling with laughter. There is a real sense of collaboration and friendship from this group of young people, who clearly share a common interest in performance and musical theatre. What is brilliant about this piece is no one takes centre stage and yet every member shines. The cast met during lunches and after classes while completing the LAMDA foundation course to write this tongue-in-cheek musical comedy, often drawing upon their own experiences. We are flies on the wall of a Glee rehearsal room except with more props and obviously more women. The result is 45 minutes of pure fun. 

The cast’s comic timing is perfect. They transition between original songs, dances and sketches seamlessly and hold the audience’s attention from beginning to end. From a song about starting your period, to a dance about vaginas, from a sketch about paying for the bill to a working woman- stay at home mum rap battle, there is something for everyone with such varying content. There’s also a monologue about microwaves… which is pretty cool.

WT…Feminist?! is polished and upbeat, although it’s nothing revolutionary and it doesn’t try to break any boundaries. WT…Feminist?! is simply a sequence of satirical, inclusive and intelligently written bits and pieces put together by an excellent and fun-loving young cast. 

In a time where we often feel overwhelmed by negative media, bogged down by gender inequality and suffocated by the glass ceiling, WT…Feminist?! provides a cheery and positive comic relief. If you like feminism, laughing, dancing, and singing, then this is the perfect show for you. Get a group together and trundle down to the Mile for this all-singing, all-dancing attack on the patriarchy.


What the… Feminist?!

theSpace on the Mile

8th-11th of Aug

Photo Credit: Bits’n’Bobs Theatre


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