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‘Enlightening, embarrassing and uplifting’: What Women Want review

BySam Haynes

Aug 13, 2019

Intersectionality, corporate feminism and neoliberalism. If these words confuse you, too, then this is the show for you! This show – recently turned podcast – encourages conversations about the “misconceptions, misadventures and misogyny” in day-to-day life. Amy Annette hosts a panel of comedians to discuss an often provocative theme and shows us the inherently individualistic nature of the feminist identity. Previous shows include; ‘What Women Want is to be treated like a princess’, ‘What Women Want is to be brave’  and ‘What Women Want is a beach-ready body’. 

This time round Annette is accompanied by Desiree Burch (Desiree’s Coming Early), Grace Campbell (Why I’m Never Going Into Politics) and Jack Rooke (Love Letters) with the theme of ‘What Women Want is empowerment’. The conversation touches diverse topics such as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandburg’s book Lean In, feminism in differing social classes and the ongoing fight for body positivity.  Far from peddling superficial solutions to #1stworldproblems each member of the diverse panel offers personal, introspective views on what feminism means to them. The variety of experiences put forward, across genders, proudly centres the show on the individualism of modern feminism: an antidote to the surge of populism and its fear of nuance. 

The live show works because the loose format allows the guests to take the conversation wherever they want. Meanwhile, the ever-changing panel ensures a different outcome every time you go. Soon we will be able to say goodbye to Mel Gibson’s “greatest blockbuster of the 21st century” – a legitimate review of his film What Women Want  glorifying emotional predation and toxic masculinity. Hopefully this intersectional feminist discussion will take its place.

Enlighting, embarrassing and uplifting, Annette and co offer diverse feminist perspectives with plenty of laughs.


Amy Annette: What Women Want is on at the Cabaret Bar, Pleasance Courtyard

At 12:00 on 17th,18th, 24th and 25th August

Buy tickets here


Image: Matt Stronge


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