EYES & EARS: Mid-term Essays

It’s probably everyone’s favourite time of the year right now! Just kidding… If you are also drowning under the high pressure of essay season, here are some tips:

Think about your deadlines in advance, the ‘last minute essay writing’ isn’t just a myth and can work if you’re really good, but we all know that it’s not the best thing to do.

Be organised, like everyone and their uncle, you probably have lots of other things to do: other courses, training sessions, appointments, other essays, who knows?  So, take a moment to plan everything,  jot each point down on your To Do List in a different colour (it will help your brain, trust me; and it’s pretty) and pin it up on your wall.

Take some time to relax while writing, otherwise you’ll end up being a mess. Of course, if you have a sudden super awesome idea, don’t lose it and carry on, but be aware of how you’re feeling: headache? Your back hurts from being bent over your computer? Your eyes are tired from focusing on the screen? Take a break.

Don’t forget to drink (water), even if you fancy Irn Bru, water is what will really keep you going.

Eat real meals, and by that I mean nutritious meals with vegetables, proteins (that you’ll find in meat, fish, eggs…), starchy food and a dairy produce or fruit – I know I sound like your mum.

Celebrate every time you finish an essay. Meet friends, go to a nice pub, have a laugh, go away for a weekend – anything, really, as long as you get out of the library! Because rewards are important, and you deserve breaks anyway.

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