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Whitney reveal a mellow and melodic side on ‘You and Me’

ByEva Betts

Nov 6, 2017

Rating: 4/5 stars

With the release of ‘You and Me’, Chicago based indie-rockers Whitney uncover a lighthearted and charming layer to their repertoire. Despite being a previously unreleased track from their debut album Light Upon the Lake, Whitney’s most recent single introduces a rapid, danceable energy to their sound that didn’t quite flow through the rest of the record, which was best characterised by it’s ambience and country-infused guitar licks.

That’s not to say Whitney have neglected the influences at the crux of their refined and intricate sound. ‘You and Me’ sweeps fluidly from indie to country inspired melodies, fusing smooth and beachy guitar riffs with a meandering country twang through the resonant refrain, above which lead vocalist Julien Ehrlich warbles “Remember you and me, darling”. Ehrlich, who formerly played drums in Unknown Mortal Orchestra, doubles as the drummer-vocalist in Whitney, a format that conjures a unique and compelling and live presence. With ‘You and Me’ on finally on the setlist, they’re sure to deliver an electric encore.

Image: Daniel Topete

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