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Who’s coming and who’s going? The Old Firm in focus

ByRhys Woodward

Feb 3, 2024
Lawrence Shankland

While things seem to be (somehow) getting even colder up in the Athens of the north, there is some solace for us football fans: the January transfer window. This is very much the time when seasons are decided. Can the gaffer push out that nuisance taking up more than his fair share of wages while seemingly never playing, and can they bring up a young and exciting wonderkid that can turn the season around?  

For myself, I came into the month extremely hopeful of fresh legs. And, I have to say, I’ve been left pretty disappointed by the lack of a certain Lawrence Shankland. The name on the lips of every Rangers fan at the start of the month seems not to be heading across the M8 in search of silverware. 

 Phillipe Clement certainly seems to have done his best in securing once-upon-a-time wonderkid Fábio Silva on loan from Wolves, and with Mohammed Diomande being recently confirmed, we should be happier. Yet, there seems to be a lingering sense of disappointment within the fanbase that Shankland just didn’t materialise. And who could blame us? With 14 goals and assists this season on a decidedly average Hearts side, he’s surely on the radar of the Old Firm and wealthier clubs south of the border. 

 As for Celtic, young German starlet Nicolas Kühn is their only arrival thus far. However, that’s not to say the window has escaped. There’s still plenty of time for them to bring in a couple more new faces, and Kühn on his own is nothing to be sniffed at. At just 24, with experience in the Austrian Bundesliga and Europa League, he’s said to have bags of potential and has already been trusted by Rapid Vienna, who know exactly what they’re doing. Patient integration and playing time on Rodgers’ well-drilled side could be the perfect recipe for Celtic to achieve their 54th title. 

At this moment in time, both clubs are so close that it would be near-impossible to split them. Celtic are just edging Rangers through their two-point lead (assuming Rangers win their game in hand), but this is really nothing to shout about. I have a feeling that, unlike recent years, the current title race could go right down to the wire and be the most thrilling one we’ve had post-2012. 

Lawrence Shankland 2019” by Анна Джалалян is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.