Wilco release new single ‘Everyone Hides’

‘Everyone Hides’ is a tale of self-delusion wrapped up in brightly coloured autumnal tones, delicately traversing a swift three minutes of unadulterated Yankee Hotel Foxtrot nostalgia. A bouncing yet lackadaisical seeming groove led by an elastic acoustic guitar riff is paired with a mimicking bassline and brightly cracking snare beats, over which a sweet melody either recycles, rips off or echoes that of their classic, ‘Pot Kettle Black’. In many senses this summarises the track: it’s a simple and endlessly enjoyable tune, yet, perhaps it leans too much on previous works and sonic references as a crutch; noisy electronic production even sees the outro of the cut spill into the same sound that made their earlier music so instantly recognisable. ‘Everyone Hides’ is but a fading shadow of Wilco’s former glory, yet, does anyone else get even nearly as close to replicating old Wilco as current Wilco?

Image: Screengrab via Wilco

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