Will the coronavirus change our lifestyles for good?

Despite still being in the relatively early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic, the impact it is already having on people’s daily lives is substantial.  Paranoid, unsure what to expect or when to expect it, and still somewhat confused on how to best go about our daily lives pretty much sums up the general population of the UK as we try not to yawn our way through Boris Johnson’s uninformative daily TV addresses.

Begging the question to which we’re all afraid to consider the answer: how much will Coronavirus change our lifestyles permanently? Will we have to continue to fight off twitching Boomers as they race to empty the shelves of toilet roll? For all our sakes, let’s hope the hysteria surrounding pasta and loo roll doesn’t continue.

We’re all in this together: that’s the key. The blame game and finger-pointing can only last so long until the predicted 80% of the population contracts it and then what?

In honesty, there are still far too many people not taking the pandemic seriously enough *cough* “millennials” *cough*. Even if you don’t want to quite yet admit it, life is about to change pretty quickly and definitely dramatically. If life wasn’t slowly morphing to being completely online, well then now it definitely is. Online exams, working from home, group projects via Facebook video call? It’s a new territory for us all and one that’s going to highlight two things: those mundane but essential parts to your daily routine that make you you, along with habits, both bad and good, that are gone and easily forgotten.

I don’t want for this entire article to be as dreary and daunting as the rest of the media is turning out to be, so I wanted to consider how some of the lifestyle choices we are being forced to implement could actually impact us in a beneficial way, especially in the long-run.
Now I don’t know about you, but I certainly never used to wash my hands quite so thoroughly, or frankly quite so often. Singing ‘happy birthday’ to ensure I’ve hit my twenty second target is getting a little bit tiresome, but luckily Twitter has been quick to provide the goods in that department, with numerous memes offering different songs, or Come Dine With Me episodes, to recite as you wash Coronavirus down the drain.

Whenever people get ill, they have that moment of self-reflection back to a time when, for example, both nostrils worked rather than just one at the height of a recurring December cold, and you wished you’d appreciated them more when they functioned seamlessly. Coronavirus is that, but on a slightly larger scale. I think that not only is this period going to instil some better behaviours in a lot of us, but will also make us appreciate that we all aren’t quite as invincible as we once thought we were.

One big thing it’s making most people think about is about how many journeys are actually essential? Can you make those few, sad looking ingredients in your fridge go that bit further rather than resorting to a quick trip to Tesco? Do we really need to take as many flights as we do, or can we explore more staycation options and video conference calls rather than business trips? That’s not for me to judge, but you.

Everybody is also aware of how hideously dirty public transport can be (seriously, people are gross) yet we all stand there biting our nails and touching our faces having just held a handle that numerous others have. The waking up of our subconscious to be more alert and try to instil better hygiene practice will do us wonders in the long-run. Our immune systems may be tough, but we’re not indestructible so washing your hands those few additional times is worth that extra effort.

Annoying at it may be, we’re really in it for the long haul with this one and so naturally, our lives are going to change. We’ll get used to a more socially-distanced way of life, adaptions will create an explosion of new services, and for a while we’ll just have to keep finding compromises that allow us to retain some semblance of a social life to keep us all sane.

Whatever the next couple of months have in store for us, just remember that every red light eventually turns green (thanks for the wise words, @officiallymcconaughey).

Image: Free-Photos via Pixabay

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