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Wireless Nights

ByKerry Gilsenan

Nov 30, 2015

The art of listening to the radio after dark to unwind holds its ground despite competing with a multitude of  alternative pastimes. Guided by Jarvis Cocker, Wireless Nights provides unusual yet brilliant half-hour experiences to ease the mind into sleep.

This week, Cocker is accompanied by the BBC Philharmonic in a journey through underwater worlds, venturing deeper and deeper, against the atmospheric musical embodiment of the story’s themes.  Each installment of the series is alike in its exploration of the human condition.

“The sea is like music. It has all the dreams of the soul within itself and sounds them over”. Sleeping and diving into the depths appear to be complementary concepts, with relaxed breathing and distorted consciousness. Recorded at this year’s Proms, the chuckling, bemused audience can be heard throughout this ‘Underwater at the Proms’ episode, drawing the listener into the Royal Albert Hall to join the voyage.

Wireless Nights offers an engaging yet tranquil end to any day, taking the listener by the hand to submerge them – pardon the pun – in wonder, and guide them into pleasant dreams.

Image: Mike Lewinski

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