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With love from lockdown: how letter writing is this year’s wellness trend

ByBryony Smith

Aug 7, 2020

With the silky finish of ink and speckled flecks of gold, the art of letter writing has made a comeback in a big way. Over the past few months reunions have been delayed, and friendships remain far away for many. But as the world becomes accustomed to a new “normal”, maintaining meaningful relationships has been harder than ever. But there’s something about the unexpected arrival of a handwritten envelope through your letterbox that brings a little bit of sunshine in this, let’s face it, not-so-hot mess of a summer.

Enter Pen Heaven. Their brand-new collection brings a personal flair to your notes to loved ones. Popping with colour and style, premium Tuscan brand Kartos is a new addition to the business. Their intricate and opulent patterns not only look luxurious, but for under £10 it’s a bargain essential for your stationery collection. With each set comprising of 90gsm paper, any bleeding and feathering would be prevented, keeping your letters crisp and, more importantly, legible. And the perfect companion to any blank canvas is the timeless fountain pen. Lamy’s limited edition pens add a personalised touch to your writing process. The iconic German brand’s ergonomic features and durable plastic make their products a lasting investment for any student, saving the countless Bic pens we’ve lost over the years.

Isolation in lockdown has had a huge impact for young adults between the ages of 16 and 24, who are twice as likely to experience feelings of loneliness according to The Guardian.  Also mentioned was the negative impact lockdown has had on our mental wellbeing, with 7.4 million across the UK openly admitting isolation’s psychological toil. Closing the distance between us and our friends and family, letter writing revitalises intimacy lost. Putting pen to paper not only alleviates feelings of loneliness but improves mental wellbeing.

If this year has proven anything it’s that human interaction is vital to our happiness. FaceTime and Zoom have carried us through, the answers of all those pub quizzes probably etched into our memory forever, but nothing brings us closer to the ones we love than reading their words by their own hand. Until we can all meet again, what’s stopping you from picking up a pen and starting to write?

Images courtesy of Pen Heaven