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Women Photographers from The Amberside Collection launches at Still Gallery

ByKitty Golden

Nov 21, 2019

Stills’ exhibition Women Photographers from The Amberside Collection launched on Thursday with an atmosphere of vibrancy and buzz, and a clear sense of the excitement in attendees. The collection features photographs from women photographers in Amberside’s archives, with a selection of works from Diane Arbus to Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen.

This exhibition is part of Stills’ annual series that compiles collections of art to display in celebration of the rich diversity held in the UK’s photography archives. This year’s focus, the AmberSide collection, is an original archive that is ever- evolving in its production of content, focusing on the portrayal of marginalised narratives in the UK. Stills’ current exhibition includes highlights that revolve around the theme of diversity, with a focus on women in art, an area Stills itself is clearly passionate about.

The works of Graciela Iturbide, a photographer discovered by the collection’s founder Murray Martin, are vibrant and stand out against the other works in their clear diversity as well as their unique subject matter. Tish Murtha’s striking and exclamatory-filled photographs demonstrate the frustrations of youth unemployment in Newcastle and the angst culture it spawned.

What is clear from the exhibition is Stills’ commitment to celebrating diversity across the board, not only in recognising women photographers but also in its incorporation of such a wide range of subject matter and narrative.

Image: Kitty Golden

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