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‘Wonderfully cheerful’: 10 Things I Hate About A Capella review

ByGeorgia Herriott

Aug 18, 2019

10 Things I Hate About A Capella wonderfully captures everything it means to love your skill. The show mixes arrangements of modern songs with  joyful dialogue about the things which are truly stressful and rather annoying about performance arts. 

The group all wear the same uniform of  black with gold accessories, which is at once  classy and non-distracting. The audience can focus only on their performance as they  pair their glorious voices with fantastic choreography, which also has a mesmerising unison effect. 

The performers’ singing  is a little pitchy at times, but this can be excused as performing music without instruments is tremendously difficult and a commendable skill. Overall, the set they produce is a joyful mix of modern music and it brings out the dialogue perfectly within it. The young performers put on a brilliant show using their own personal qualms about their art as inspiration. The dialogue is both funny and relatable for those in the audience who have backgrounds in the performing arts  and specifically a capella, as the pet hates mentioned by the group are truly the worst parts about being a performer. From the long rehearsals to the terrifying solos, it is a show of truth. 

The beatboxer is superbly talented and manages to keep time impeccably, while at the same time never overpowering the rest of the group. Beatboxing as a whole is something which can be difficult to master and to see someone so brilliantly portray the skill is exciting and novel. 

The one downfall of the show is a clapping segment, which seems out of place and rather out of time with the rest of the piece. It can be impressive to see clapping alongside a capella singing, but it has to be performed immaculately. Unfortunately the multitasking here is not perfect, and thus distracts from the talented singing and is jarring for the audience. 

The show is wonderfully cheerful and leaves the audience with smiles on their faces as the troupe close with their final number. Using a line from the iconic movie from which they take their title, they explain how they truly can’t hate a capella “not even a little, not even at all.”


10 Things I Hate About A Capella is on at TheSpace Triplex – Big

At 15:10 until 17th August

Book tickets here


Image: TheSpaceUK

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