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World Radio Pick: Kral Pop Radyo

ByNicol Ogston

Nov 17, 2015

To anyone who has lived abroad, or who plans to, local radio stations provide you with the ability to sharpen up your language skills, stay tuned into chart hits, and listen to news otherwise missed on English speaking international formats.

Kral Pop Radyo is my top pick this week because it did all these things for me whilst abroad in Ankara. The Turkish music channel allows you to listen to top-chart hits from Turkey entirely missed by western charts. It is heavily beated, rhythmic and the best thing to get you fired up over your morning coffee before you start the day. It oscillates between extreme pop to slower and more alternative Turkish music with significantly better lyrics.

The station lacks more in-depth news than would be desired, but given the formats exclusivity to delivering contemporary charts this is a minor consideration. Accessible online, Kral Pop Radyo gives the new listener the chance to broaden their music tastes to the Near East, practice some simple Turkish and if nothing else, put a smile on your face.


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