Young Woman missing in Edinburgh for several days has been found at last

A young Edinburgh woman who went missing last month has been found safe and well by police. Bervely Chaleka was reported missing on Wednesday 22nd September by her family and appeals to find her gained thousands of views across social media. 

Her disappearance came at a time of great anxiety for young women up and down the country; the murder of Sabina Nessa last month and the continued campaigning by organisations such as Reclaim These Streets and Strut Safe have highlighted the threats young women face in the UK.

Whilst Chaleka was found safe and well, the case of her disappearance and subsequent discussions about women’s safety in Edinburgh have resonated with many. During the period of her disappearance, several members of the public remarked online at how major news platforms had not covered her case.

Outpourings of concern continue despite her having been found, with one user responding to Police Scotland writing:

“I hope she’s getting whatever protection and help she needs. ‘Safe people’ don’t just go missing for a laugh.”

Edinburgh Police and Chaleka’s family sought support from the public after she went missing from the Westerhailes area. The 25 year old was seen last on the 20th where it was understood she was making her way through the city centre, hoping to go shopping on Princes Street.

News of her disappearance made its way quickly to social media, where tweets and instagram posts were reshared across the community.

Prior to her being found, Police Scotland shared CCTV images of Chaleka whilst at a till in a grocery shop, believed to have been taken not long before her reported disappearance.

Local newspapers after a period of uncertainty about her whereabouts confirmed on the 24th that she had been found, with police officers thanking the efforts of those who had shared her image online.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, a Police Scotland spokesperson remarked:

“We are pleased to confirm that Bervely Chaleka has been traced safe and well,” as well as saying that her family and loved ones had been notified.

Image credit:, photoeverywhere