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Your guide to Euphoria makeup

ByJosie Harrison

Mar 16, 2022
close up of an eye with blue and purple glittery eyeshadow

After eons of waiting, Euphoria season two has finally arrived, along with the familiar trends of crazy outfits and ridiculous eyeshadow. While the rest of you have spent the past two years wearing “normal” and “school appropriate” makeup, the glitter tears simply never stopped for me. Here are my top tips for a bold eye look, no matter the occasion.

Start with a good base

Primer is especially important when using bright colours, as they will not show up with full opacity without it. I recommend always using an eyeshadow primer for your skin tone, followed by a white concealer that eyeshadow can be packed on top of (it takes a few layers of shadow packed on with a flat brush to get a good colour payout). This works best with a defined crease or shape that is filled in, since trying to blend out a coloured shadow overtop of white concealer can easily become patchy or show a sharp line underneath where the concealer stops. This is why I choose to do blended out eyeshadow looks with metallic shadows or glitter toppers that do not require a super opaque matte finish. I use the Beauty Bay Bright 42 Colour Palette because it has a large range and I prefer to keep my makeup collection small, but there are tons of rainbow palettes on the market to choose from.

Add glitter (the secret ingredient)

If you have watched Euphoria, you’ll know that glitter is everything. I happen to be firmly against loose glitters because the mess is simply not worth it in my opinion. I’ll usually blend my eyeshadow out with a bright matte shadow (never forgetting to smoke out the lower lash line), then go in with a glittery/metallic shade on the inner corner and lid. My holy grail glitter is the e.l.f Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow in the shade Disco Queen. I like to use this as a topper for blue looks and put some on my finger, then dab it all across the eye and even past my eyeshadow. This product is so cheap, and it completely transforms eyeshadow looks. I’ll also put some on for highlighter and glitter tears if I’m feeling particularly sparkly.

Go crazy with the eyeliner

Eyeliner is a powerful tool. A winged liner lets you choose the shape of your eye, whether you are going for a high, thin wing to elongate the eye shape, or a shorter, thicker wing for rounded eyes. I have very little lid space, so I never create a wing when I want eyeshadow to be the focus. Instead, I line the lower water line with a black eyeliner pencil to make my eye colour stand out. Another tip is to line the top waterline to make your lashes magically appear thicker, but that takes some practice to get used to. Try experimenting with drawing an outline of your crease in liquid liner, or even connecting that to a wing for a geometric cut crease. If you’re feeling bold, use eyeliner to draw on lower lashes to make your eyes really pop. 

Image courtesy of Kylee Fleek via Wikimedia Commons