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Zero Tolerance report shows sexism and misogyny remain rife across Scottish workplaces

ByNoa Hoffman

Apr 5, 2017

Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust have reported that sexism and misogyny remain rife across Scottish workplaces today.

70 per cent of 600 respondents to a new report compiled by Zero Tolerance have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment at work.

The report also detailed that 37 per cent of respondents experienced gender-based bullying, while 42 per cent felt that as a female they had been subjected to double standards by men.

Zero Tolerance interviewed individuals across the public, private and third sector.

One in 10 women reported mental or physical abuse including rape or sexual assault at work.

Across all three sectors, only 26 per cent of individuals in managerial positions felt confident in procedurally handling accusations of any form of sexual, mental or physical abuse. A further 17 per cent were unsure about how to approach issues regarding sexism at all.

Amy Marshall, Educators and Employers Development Officer at Zero Tolerance, stated in the official Trust press release: “This research confirms what we already know; employers are still sometimes unable to pick up on the signs of abuse or appropriately assess the correct support mechanisms needed to challenge hostile attitudes to women.

“The responses do show a clear appetite however for change in the Scottish workforce, both from employers and employees. If employers take up the mantle and make some changes to their workplace, we could make real strides in creating a more gender equal workforce.”

Zero Tolerance have developed a Policy Action Communication Training (PACT) program, specifically designed to assist employers in tackling gender based workplace issues and stimulate shifts in cultural attitudes toward occupational sexism.

Marshall also noted in the press release that programs like PACT and the reports released by Zero Tolerance “benefit the employers too; those who spend some time and energy promoting a healthy and supportive workplace will retain talented staff, avoid litigation and lead a more productive team.”

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