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2021 Fashion Predictions à la TikTok

ByLaura Baliman

Jan 15, 2021

TikTok is currently full of accounts predicting 2021 trends. While a lot of the beautifully silky Motel dresses seem a bit out of touch with the current climate and pandemic, here is a list of the much more wearable options. Warmth and comfort prove to be of paramount importance to 2021 trends, but with a little bit of edge we don’t have to feel like we’re repurchasing the same blue hoodie.

Faux Fur: The first and most exciting prediction is faux fur. We’ve seen it in many forms over the years, but mostly in those cropped faux fur jackets in an odd colour of green that can’t quite be pinned down. But on a doomscroll through Zara, I came a double-breasted longline faux fur coat, which changed my mind completely. This coat is much less student-goes-to-the-races and feels more like something my Czech relatives might wear. The double-breasted collar and deep chocolate colour are striking, and brown has already gained momentum in late 2020 as the colour to wear.

Another wearable but still chic manifestation of faux fur comes in the form of the faux fur trimmed cardigan. House of Sunny’s elegant example has already been worn by a few of my favourite influencers, but it is still quite hard to find affordable alternatives. Although the actual base piece of the cardigan is very comfortable and easy to wear, the large cuffs and lavish collar feel just the right amount of adventurous for winter and spring. Hopefully the high-street stores take this on, as they are very hard to find on Depop. I should add that my interest in faux-fur has also probably arisen from my recent move to Scotland, which is genuinely proving to be much colder than the South!

Knitted Hoodies: On another warm note, I got this Weekday knitted hoodie for Christmas and it has totally revolutionised the hoodie experience. The texture of knitted jumpers has long proven to be the most comfortable but feels far too formal to wear when simply watching Gossip Girl on repeat. Loungewear will inevitably gain more momentum as a trend this year, especially during the current lockdown as we try to manage the heating bills that are no longer burdened on our offices and libraries. I love the weight of the hood on this Weekday piece, and the arms are long enough to wrap your hands in as you walk to the supermarket. These could definitely become very popular, although the silhouette needs to be relaxed yet structured in order to keep it chic.

Graphic Knitwear: Continuing on the knitwear front, 2020 brought us the fun of sweater vests, many of which were made with graphic patterns. Fashionable influencers are already wearing this kind of patterned knit on full sized jumpers, and this will likely lift off quickly, because it’s not something we’ve seen much in streetwear, yet. The Diesel jacquard sweater fits the bill. It’s different, colourful, but because of the familiar silhouette, still doesn’t feel like too much. The high-street will do well to take notes from high-end versions of this trend, but the design definitely needs to be thought through to prevent the jumper from crossing over to tacky.

Chain rings: Lastly, another Christmas present that has revolutionised my style is this Daisy x Estee Lalonde chain ring. I cannot stand rings because I am so afraid they will never come off, and they also feel restrictive on my fingers. Daisy’s selection of chain rings however, are totally flexible and lightweight. This is the first ring I have worn solidly for more than a day, because it’s comfortable and goes with any outfit due to its subtlety. However, it is still interesting enough to take off this year, because it’s actually made of a real flexible chain rather than chain-shaped stiff metal. 

Predicting anything during a pandemic might be a bad idea, but these trends might bring some comfort and joy to the daily walk to the park, or even just to the daily mirror selfie to prove to your mum that you actually got out of bed.

Image credit: pexels-spencer-cooper