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King Krule releases a promising omen to upcoming album

ByMaeve Hannigan

Feb 29, 2020

‘Alone, Omen 3’ drops as a friendly reminder of King Krule’s album to come: Man Alive! Releasing a video along with the single, Archy Marshall tells NME: “I felt like I gotten out of a dark place, and I was on a high. I appreciated the depression… but also liked how I felt better in the here and now”. This statement flows into the track as his voice no longer festers as the desperately dark, wallowing slur felt in his last album. In ‘Alone, Omen 3’ we hear a reflection on the dark moments, made into a comforting nudge of reassurance.

The track is introduced through the muffled ringing of a phone over the delicately haunting bass followed by a feeling of progressive movement carrying you forward over the lyrics “Take your time”; we’re in no rush.

The track is full of simplicity and repetition, with the recurring lyric, “Don’t forget you’re not alone”. The more this line overwhelms the track, the more we experience the grimier depths of Archy Marshall’s daydream. The steady percussion becomes slightly out of sync and his spoken words mould into echoed worries in the hazy distance.

As composure is gathered, there is a nod to the vulnerability apparent within the disturbingly raw vocals of a slightly older, slightly wiser King Krule.

Image: Maéva Pensivy via Flickr