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‘MAZZA’ presents the new slowthai

ByBen Curling

Feb 17, 2021

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Opening the track with isolated vocals on “mazzalean” is fitting as slowthai attempts to do something cracked with A$AP Rocky. ‘MAZZA’ signifies his turbulent development in the British music scene with an effort to tap into an American audience after tediously dining out on the ‘Brexit Bandit’ image, which inevitably had its expiration date. 

A sedative synth carries over the two verses crowned by slowthai and A$AP Rocky as they lyrically explore disorder and individuality. Co-produced by slowthai and collaborator SAMO, the production is satisfyingly reminiscent of earlier works.

Nothing Great About Britain proved to constrain slowthai in which direction he was to take his musical career. These limitations are evident in ‘MAZZA’; a bid farewell to the mess created after his altercation with Katherine Ryan at the 2020 NME awards. Consequently, many labelled him a misogynist, which considerably damaged his reputation.

Presenting one of America’s most prominent names in an underwhelming feature, ‘MAZZA’ grasps for overseas reception after slowthai tampered his persona within the culture he relies on lyrically and symbolically.

The line, “Feel to revert to my old ways”, illustrates an attempt to reunite with his Bone Sada and early Method Records releases, which successfully hailed him on the scene with songs like ‘T N Biscuits’. 

With the new year ahead, the track resonates pleasantly in our current shared aspiration to change old habits. In contrast, slowthai is returning to his Northampton roots. 

Image: Andrew Whitton