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Spooky Season Suggestions: Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Halloween Heists

ByRenee Phan

Oct 12, 2023
Jake Peralta and Captain Raymond Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine stand together."Brooklyn Nine Nine" by tinafranklindg is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Scare-o-meter: 1/5

I get spooked easily. As a scaredy-cat, navigating this time of the year can be…rough, especially when there’s every type of niche horror movie in existence. I personally blame the formative childhood experience of viewing Coraline at age 8, which altered my brain chemistry to somehow freak out after getting any glimpse of films with creepy crawlies in it. If you’re like me, finding yourself turning down movie screenings with friends (and getting teased) because of your very-valid fear, it doesn’t mean you can’t get into the Halloween spirit! 

Instead of feeling major FOMO, there’s always the opportunity to binge the best part of everyone’s go to police-themed TV comedy: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is based around one New York police precinct’s office antics. Whether you’ve watched it recently, in years past, or for the first time,  I urge you to watch only the Halloween Heist episode of each season. That, in itself, without all the other episodes in the season, is television gold. We all love the combination of sudden twists of fates, office rivalries, cute romances, funny jokes, and enthusiastic adults playing dress up every October 31st, so give it a watch so you too can enjoy a good spooky evening. You’ll feel the good kind of chill and sleep soundlessly. Happy Heisting!

Brooklyn Nine Nine” by tinafranklindg is licensed under CC BY 2.0.