Five lockdown charity shop alternatives

Lockdown(s) have triggered us all to take conscious steps towards improving our lives. For many, this has taken the form of clutter clear outs and closet purges, making way for a minimalist ‘new you’. Now that the sunny weather is finally making an appearance in Edinburgh, your spring clean senses might be tingling even more. […]

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Green is the new black: commercial shops’ sustainability efforts just ain’t that sustainable

The drive to be more sustainable has taken the world by figurative storm over the last few years and has shone a light on how ethical our favourite brands and businesses actually are. Whilst we have been told to reduce, reuse and recycle for most of our lifetimes, it is only now that we as […]


Edinburgh-based start-up brings charity shops to the web

One Cherry is the fruit of both a vision and a necessity. In May 2017, University of Edinburgh student Anton Puzorjov and two of his friends had decided to participate in the annual Climate Launchpad competition for green business ideas. After two nights of brainstorming about how to build an environmentally- and wallet-friendly business, a […]