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Captor Audiences: Robert Pattinson and the Perils of Teen Stardom

This article was originally published in print on the 23rd March When my flatmates and I bought tickets to see Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, we were wholeheartedly expecting to leave the cinema feeling as if we had seen a new chapter of Edward Cullen’s life. Perhaps he had grown bored of being a tortured, grumpy […]


This week in history: 16 November 2001, the first Harry Potter film is released

Following the success of the Harry Potter books – the most recent having been Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire released in July 2000 – the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released on the 16th November 2001 much to the anticipation of fans, after J. K. Rowling sold the rights of […]

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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast: an animated Disney classic remade and modified to tell perhaps a more developed version of a tale as old as time. The Belle (Emma Watson) we see here is a more fully explored individual, questioning her small-town life and the small-town attitudes that surround her. She is a maverick in her […]


Emma Watson’s breasts do not affect her feminism

Since her cover shoot for Vanity Fair, Emma Watson has been met with an onslaught of criticism from other feminists, as well as the predictable online trolls. According to them, the photo is too revealing, and shifts her role from empowering women to one of degrading them. Apparently, her critics feel that extensive work with […]


It is high time I stopped apologising for your willy-waving

After a meeting in which she was consistently ignored by (male) client representatives, a close friend and colleague of mine was told by a senior, female colleague: “Don’t worry, they’re just doing a bit of willy-waving, once you start to look older you’ll learn to just wave your willy right back.” I assumed that this […]