India Gasps For Air. All I Can Do Is Watch.

I woke up last Thursday morning, and instead of the motivational quotes I usually stumble across on my Instagram stories, I saw black screens that read out “URGENT!” in bold red letters. Two of them were from my kindergarten friends. They were both asking for plasma donations for their family members. My heart dropped. “Is […]


What can the Coronavirus teach us about the Climate crisis? Reflections from Earth Day in lockdown

As the 50th Earth Day draws to a close under circumstances no one expected, I find myself reflecting on the state of the climate crisis during the pandemic. With blue skies in China, dolphins in the waterways of Venice, and thousands of flight cancellations, it is easy to see why some people are viewing the […]


This Month in Global News: the wider world this October

Trump of the Tropics: former soldier, Jair Bolsonaro, was elected as Brazil’s new president on October 28 after a month of escalating tension and violence which culminated in his clear victory over the left wing candidate Fernando Haddad. This result signifies a shift to the right in Brazilian politics and an end to the Workers’ Party […]