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The Student on Education Reform

Stop monetising our university experience Why do we go to university? What is it for? Realistically, nowadays, many go solely for that (supposedly) prospect-enhancing piece of paper, and to delay having to go directly into the real world. Don’t get me wrong, many students love their degree subjects, but an equal number are in it […]

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Catered vs. non-catered: is one better than the other?

Choosing your accommodation when starting university is one of the biggest decisions to be made during the application process. Your first-year accommodation is likely to be where your social life is based, your friendships are formed and your future flatmates are found. At most universities, you will have the choice of both catered and self-catered […]


We cannot go on like this: Edinburgh’s student accommodation crisis

Student accommodation is in crisis. Both nationally and in Edinburgh, we are paying too much for too little. Freshers at Reading this year were forced to live in hotels, due to a shortage of affordable accommodation. Students at UCL were living in what was described as a ‘building site’, infested with rats. The NUS estimate […]