Parasite’s Oscar success: a new era or the prolonging of outdated Hollywood tradition?

The Oscars 2020 was certainly full of surprises. From Joaquin Phoenix’ impassioned speech about injustice and the environment, to Idina Menzel’s rather kooky performance of ‘Into the Unknown’ and James Corden and Rebel Wilson presenting the award for the best visual effects in fur-suits mocking the appalling CGI of the film Cats. But nothing was […]

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Little Women

All of us who grew up wishing they were the fifth March sister tentatively take our seats at the cinema, hoping for our imagination to be translated onto the screen with the same vibrancy, faces and decor. Greta Gerwig knows this, and essentially her message is, well, this is what Little Women looked like inside […]


Why Greta Gerwig’s award snub is not a surprise

For the second year in a row, the Oscars have failed to include any female directors in its list of nominations. On paper, this seems like a sad coincidence — except when we remember it hails from a long history of snubbing women as best directors, with only five nominations in the Academy Awards’ 91 […]