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Review: Halloween Ends

When thinking about a reboot of an old franchise, the most important question to ask is “why?” What was the point in digging up the corpse of an old film, book, or any other media piece and reanimating it? On one level you can always answer that question with “profit”. In Hollywood, a film is […]

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The Guilty: Review

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐ Hollywood has a history of disappointing remakes of foreign-language films. Whilst a select few manage to equal the original, many, like Downhill (a remake of the Swedish comedy-drama Force Majeure) and The Grudge (a reimagining of J-horror classic Ju-On: The Grudge), fail to capture the magic of the non-English original. Others, perhaps even […]


The Magnificent Seven

It has been fifty-six years since John Sturges’s Magnificent Seven, itself a wild-west re-imagining of Akira Kurosawa’s critically acclaimed Seven Samurai from 1954. The 2016 update does not deliver, nor even compare with the earlier films however and while it packs the barrel with explosions and big-name Hollywood actors, pacing issues and a reductive good […]